Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day (in the U.S.) 

And these are the fruits of our labors!

It has been just over a month that The Last Radio Show has been broadcasting (in "test" mode) and we have already generated a lot of buzz and attracted an international audience! In that short time, we have been added to internet radio sites across the globe.  Now, as we begin a serious push for listeners, ATX The Last Radio Show has been added to Apple TV and ITunes.

What this means for the station is a much wider audience and a listening medium, in the case of Apple TV, that allows the listener to experience the music on their entertainment center speakers. This is a big deal when it comes to internet radio.  If you have tried listening on a laptop or desktop computer that doesn't have great speakers, the music lacks the power and range that big speakers provide.  If you listen on laptops or desktops, do your ears a favor and use headphones plugged into the audio output!  On the IPhone or Android smartphones, headphones or earbuds are the only way to listen!  Smartphone listeners will soon have access to our very own app!  Stay tuned for that!

We believe ATX The Last Radio Show has tested all it can.  So, we are officially Open For Business!!
Drop by and give it a listen.

Just click on the player in the right column of this blog!

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