Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just Added To ATX The Last Radio Show

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble

Live Alive

Recorded on July 16, 1985 at the Montreaux Jazz Festival; July 17–18, 1986 at the Austin Opera House; and July 19, 1986 at Dallas Starfest, this snapshot of Stevie and Double Trouble in concert features many of their hits and fan favorites.  

Stevie Ray Vaughan – guitar and vocals
Tommy Shannon – bass
Chris "Whipper" Layton – drums
Reese Wynans – keyboards
Jimmy Vaughan plays on  "Willie the Wimp", "Love Struck Baby", "Look at Little Sister" and "Change It".

Queen-A Day At The Races

 Voted the 67th greatest album of all time in a BBC poll, Queen's fifth album was their first self-produced recording.  A Day At The Races features the hit singles  "Somebody to Love" , "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy". 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day (in the U.S.) 

And these are the fruits of our labors!

It has been just over a month that The Last Radio Show has been broadcasting (in "test" mode) and we have already generated a lot of buzz and attracted an international audience! In that short time, we have been added to internet radio sites across the globe.  Now, as we begin a serious push for listeners, ATX The Last Radio Show has been added to Apple TV and ITunes.

What this means for the station is a much wider audience and a listening medium, in the case of Apple TV, that allows the listener to experience the music on their entertainment center speakers. This is a big deal when it comes to internet radio.  If you have tried listening on a laptop or desktop computer that doesn't have great speakers, the music lacks the power and range that big speakers provide.  If you listen on laptops or desktops, do your ears a favor and use headphones plugged into the audio output!  On the IPhone or Android smartphones, headphones or earbuds are the only way to listen!  Smartphone listeners will soon have access to our very own app!  Stay tuned for that!

We believe ATX The Last Radio Show has tested all it can.  So, we are officially Open For Business!!
Drop by and give it a listen.

Just click on the player in the right column of this blog!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Check 1! Check 2 !

Even though we are still running in "Test" mode and not advertising to the general public (except for you fine folks!), the station has already gained an international audience!  Germany, France, The Netherlands and Canada have been joining us, so you might as well join the party.

The programming is what you might call "casual". No constant yapping from the DJ. Just a lot of great music from the 70's and 80's.  You may get lucky and hear my mic checks from time to time. The on air announce setup is my current (and final) task, so the Big Go Live is not far off. Stay tuned!  There is more to come!

Listening is easy! Just click on one of the links below or click on the player that resides in the right column of our blog.  That's it...right over there >>>

Listen on Shoutcast

Then click on Rock
Then click on Classic Rock and scroll down to ATX The Last Radio Show

Listen on Radionomy

Download the Orange Radio IPhone app from the AppStore

Download the Orange Radio Android app from Google Play

ATX The Last Radio Show is also available on the Roku streaming device.
Just choose the SHOUTcast Radio app that comes pre-installed.  Go to Rock, then Classic Rock and
scroll down to ATX The Last Radio Show.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pre-Launch Testing Continues at ATX The Last Radio Show

Load testing and Fail-Over testing are complete as The Last Radio Show heads toward a formal launch on  Drop by and check out our station.  

No cats were harmed in the production of this radio station!! (The tech staff, however, suffered several horrendous hangovers!!)