Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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How To Listen To ATX The Last Radio Show

There are a number of methods for listening, so we will give you the basics of setting up the apps that will stream the station.  We suggest that you bookmark this blog and come here anytime you have a question about our station.  Any changes or updates will be here.

The first and simplest method of listening is via your web browser.  Just go to Stagedude.com and click on the ATX The Last Radio Show player.  In fact, here is the actual player.  Just click it and you're listening!

IPhone and IPad users can install our custom app in the App Store. 

Use the SEARCH function to locate our app.  Just enter ATX The Last Radio Show in the search box at the top of the Apple Store screen and hit SEARCH.  Install the app and enjoy our music!!

Android phone users can find our app in Google Play. 

Just go to Google Play and enter ATX The Last Radio Show into the Search bar and hit Enter.    Ours is the one that looks like the image above.  Install the app and enjoy our station.

WINAMP is another great app for listening to the station.  

You may use WINAMP when listening to ATX  The Last Radio Show
This app is a great addition to the growing number of ways Radionomy allows you to listen to our station.  Download it from this link:
Once it is installed, go to FILE/PLAY URL and enter 

Of course, going to our source, Radionomy, will get you started quickly. Click the Radionomy link below and listen.


 In Apple TV (the latest version, not the original),  use the myTuner app.

You will find ATX The Last Radio Show in the 70's and 80's sections.